so you've recorded a brilliant song
but how do you take it to the next level?

We can’t underemphasize the impact that great mixing has on a record. Think of it as the opportunity to infuse energy into your song’s production and composition. It’s what really makes your song pack a punch. That last but oh-so essential step to giving you a high quality sound and a track that fulfills its potential.

At Alias, we realize that creating a great mix isn’t simply about the technical process – it involves creating a song or album that embodies your vision and emotionally engages your listeners. We are genuinely passionate about helping all of your sounds come together in this perfect way.

the process


We start by carefully editing all of your stems to ensure everything is on time and beautifully in tune.


We can then reamp your DI guitar tracks with a tone that will fit your song.

MIDI Replacement

Then comes the drum tone which we can create from MIDI notes.


This is when we put everything you’ve recorded together by adding EQ and compression, volume adjustments, and so on...


For those who want it, we can make certain elements of your sound really stand out by adding a variety of effects.


Finally, we’ll master your song by amplifying and strengthening your sound and making it wider and clearer.


Keep track of how your work’s progressing from your artist account.


We’re here to work closely and collaboratively with you and your needs, whether you simply require some last minute inputs, or you need a complete redesign of your sound.


so what’s the cost?

300 (excl. tax)
per song


Unlimited number of tracks

2 free mix revisions

You’ll always hear a sample of your track before you pay

Mastering is included


What’s more, our rates are very competitive and straightforward - just one flat fee for the final product.

looking for more?

Learn more about our additional services here.

you are in good hands

Having been in a band for ten years, our musical background gives us a tremendous advantage in the studio. We’ve been lucky enough to have participated in the creation of a several albums, from inception through to the final product.

This means we understand the very personal experience of writing your own music and seeing it through to the end, and we’ll work just as relentlessly for you as we have during the creation of our own music. We promise to bring our extensive knowledge and familiarity of the mixing process to give you records that convey exactly what you envision.

let's get started!

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