why should your music
be professionally mastered?

Once your songs have been mixed to perfection, it’s time to add those final touches that will ensure your music achieves the highest professional quality possible. The goal of this last step is to address any balance issues and to enrich particular sonic characteristics. This will turn a good mix into an outstanding one which boasts that extra sparkle and commercial appeal.

It’s easy to assume that making a few small adjustments to a song would only have minimal effects but, listen to a song before and after mastering, and you’ll realize that the transformation can be magical.

Hear the difference

turn your mixes
into masters

so what’s the cost?

40 (excl. tax)
per song


250 for an album

Revisions are included

You’ll always hear a sample of your track before you pay

100% compatible with Apple’s Mastered for iTunes® specs

Get your music ready for CD duplication with a DDP file


What’s more, our rates are very competitive and straightforward - just one flat fee for the final product.

genuine perspective on your sound

With our mastering experience, we’ve been able to acquire an acute sense of sonic and musical knowledge, a prerequisite to providing you with a service that fulfills your music’s potential and steers it towards commercial release. As skilled mastering engineers, we’re able to create a consistent sound across individual tracks without sacrificing the unique character of each song.

What’s more, chances are we haven’t been involved in your previous recording or mixing. This means we can bring fresh ears to your material and a clean slate to its production, guaranteeing objective and genuine perspective on the sound. And, don’t forget, mastering comes with all of our other services too.

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