you have the idea,
we provide the sound.

So you’ve come up with an amazing song but there’s a hitch... You’re still not satisfied that it’s good enough to be professionally recorded? You’ve got the feeling that your homemade recording or second-rate Guitar Pro demo just doesn’t do justice to the song itself?

If this is the case, what you likely haven’t given sufficient time and resources to is your pre-production phase. But rest assured that Alias Studio has the solution for you! We can help you with this important step by providing you and your bandmates with a handy preview of how your song is going to sound.

Our Demo+ service helps you get over the initial hurdle of music production with ease. It gives you great sounding demos and the confidence boost you need before starting your official recording sessions.

how does it work?
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description & direction

Click on "Submit a new song" and fill out the form. Try to provide us with as many details as possible (think influences, your desired style, etc.) because these are what will help us design the sound of your demo.


We also welcome reference links to songs you’re hoping to emulate as these will provide insight into your creative vision.

upload your material

It’s easy! Just upload your files directly onto our site. We can accept any of the following file types:
Guitar Pro files, MIDI files, decent band practice recordings, or even an audio demo you recorded yourself.


Remember to provide us with a solo vocal part if you’re not after a purely instrumental demo.


Be aware that we reserve the right to refuse files of a poor quality.

leave the rest with us...

Keep tabs on the progress of your work from your artist account.


We’ll let you know as soon as your demo+ is complete and you won’t pay a penny until you’ve heard a sample.


turn your midi files
or your rehearsals

into a demo


so what’s the cost?

100 (excl. tax)
per song


1 free mix revision

You’ll always hear a sample of your track before you pay

Mastering is included


What’s more, our rates are very competitive and straightforward - just one flat fee for the final product.

looking for more?

Learn more about our additional services here.

the sound & the confidence you need

A fantastic demo will give you the confidence you need to take on the studio! It will be, quite literally, music to your ears, the perfect way of convincing your bandmates that your song is going to rock.

If you’re satisfied with your demo+, we hope you’ll continue to work with us to produce awesome music. Here’s to longstanding, fruitful collaboration.

let's get started!

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